Monday, 13 June 2011


Nowadays,there are many movies that includes many types such as horror movie,comedy movie,thriller movie and so on. Many people think that children like to watch cartoon movie mostly but i'm teenagers and i'm still like to watch cartoon movie.. The movie that i prefer is Rango which is about a lizard that have been alone after he is being left by his owner. He meets an old turtle in desert and tells him about he needs to change his life. This story is very funny,scary and has many moral value on it.. You have to watch this movie.


talking about love.. do you know what is it? i'm pretty sure you know.. love is very close with us.. L.O.V.E have many secrets on that word.. L is looking and get know yourself.. O is open your heart and clean your mind to accept whatever people say to you.. V is very important to take care of yourself.. Y is you know how to decide the way of your life.. :)

hi everyone! i'm fatimah binti abdul wahab.. you can call me as iema... i want to share with you about me n my life... i was born on 30th may on 1993 at hospital sultanah aminah,johor bahru which was at 3.35a.m.. i live in felda selancar dua at segamat,johor.. now,i'm studying at UiTM Kuala Pilah and taking diploma in science course.. 

badminton is the best game for me because i dont like to run too much..
playing badminton doesn't have to run madly..:)
my favourite food is chicken fried rice and my favourite drink is watermelon juice.. 

abdul wahab bin abd ghani who is my beloved father. he works as a shetler at felda selancar dua. he was born on 20th september in 1957 at hospital muar. now,he doesn't work but he pays someone to do his wprk. he is a responsible father and very understanding person.. he is rarely angry with me and i can talk anything problem that i want to share. sometimes his words are so strict but he tries to tell me nicely. tthat's why i'm very close with him..
 a beautiful lady next to me in this picture is my mother named ruzidah binti yunos. she was born on 24th january in 1960 at hospital muar. my father and my mother come from the same village.. she likes to sew and gardening.. she's never want to stay quietly because her hands always want to work.. sometimes i feel so tired when looking at her..
even she is strict but i know she loves me very much because i'm the only daughter in this family. i have 4 elder brothers and 2 younger brothers. i feel so lonely without any girl. i can't share any problem or interest each other. that's why i will compare myself with an empty box.. ;)
this is my family. those who are wearing yellow clothes are my first brother and my sister-in-law.. they are already have a son named Muhamad Amir Hanzalah.. i love him very much because i love baby and i was the one who take care of him after he was born.

actually,i have a music band but it is for temporary only.. i play a keyboard in that band. we have to stop for many reasons. but it's okay. no regret on that problem.

oh,i'm feel sleepy right now.. these all i can tell you about my life.. not so fun but i'm happy with it. i L.O.V.E myself ad my life..