Friday, 1 July 2011

someone who is i admire :)

Hi..sorry because have been so long i didn't update my blog.. got many works to do..(oh,really?) hihi  urmm... can i share something with you all? please... actually,i really like this boy.. it doesn't mean that i want to fall in love or be a soulmate with him.. i just like to see his face because his face looks like someone that i know.. i don't know his full name but i know his nickname who is D*N D*NG.. i know his class n what course that he took.. i know him when we're being in the same group during LDK week..

i hope i can get know him well..but it's too had to know him.. he doesn't like the other men.. i think that he already has someone special in his heart.. sometimes i'll ask my friend to send my regards to him.. but i've to use the other nickname.. only for one time he accepted my regards.. it's okay.. 

i don't force him to accept me.. as long as i can look him from far side.. do you that that have been a week i didn't see his face.. i think that i don't want to think or disturb him again.. but i always remember him... i don't know why i be like that.. i never know him n he never knows me.. not easy to forget him...

i really hope that i can see him n be his friend for once...

but... i know he will never know that i like him n want to be friend with him... I hope we'll meet again,D*N D*ONG.. :)

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